Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PLDT Zyxel P-600 DSL modem

Zyxel P-600 modem is great when I first acquired it from PLDT. At first my setup for it was a standalone hardware, I mean there are no routers connected to it. My Azureus (now called Vuze) was green, meaning my network has no problem, but when i bought a wireless router, ENCORE ENWHI-G2, my internet connection gradually decreases it disconnects everytime. At first, mali yung connection ko, and i started to research about it and the configs that is used by other people. then gumana sya.. my vuze spped was already 100+kbps pero it shows error parin in network config in vuze or in uTorrent. Now i know whats the problem, it the port forwarding. I shoud be opening ports for torrent-programs like vuze, bitcomet, and uTorrent. After a whole day of configuration (whew), all to no avail, as in walang nangyari at palpak. after a couple of weeks, i realize the very root of the problem, PLDT DSL Zyxel modem, was not allowed to have a static ip, it is only DHCP which is always assinging new IP address in my internet connection. sadly to say.. pero kahit na hindi siya naka port forwarding, mabilis parin ung dwnload speed, it even got 180kbps! pls post if you have the same problem, i know marami naka pldt dsl plans..


rich said...

Same problem here. we've been using the pldt dsl service since 2004 and I've been using Vuze (previously Azureus) ever since. Port forwarding for our wireless router wasn't any problem back then, until our old dsl modem got busted and pldt changed it to the Zyxel. With the new modem, the method of connecting to the web is different, it's assigned an IP via DHCP, not like the previous modem which connects via PPPoE.

I think the problem now is that instead of just bridging the internet connection, the new modem is now like a router (because it also assigns an IP to my wifi router via DHCP). Even if you set up port forwarding in your wifi router, you will still need to have to set up port forwarding as well in the modem (or their web server?... not really sure).

I had the same experience before w/ a dsl provider outside Manila, buti nalang the tech support was kind enough to help and knew my problem. What they did is that they asked for the IP address of my wifi router and asked which ports I want to open then they set it up quite well. My Vuze connection there is always green and download speeds are high/constant.

I asked for help w/ PLDT and their tech support doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about (or maybe AS IF they don't know what the hell I'm talking about). They just keep on saying that their problems stop until the modem only and will not support any 3rd party equipment attached to it... as long as you still get an internet connection. Ayaw man lang mag-refer kung sino pwede pa makatulong. Well I think they should at least help in opening certain ports for proper routing of data to my computer using the wifi router... their promise is to give HI SPEED internet access as well. They limit the bandwidth going through the modem anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem if we configure our own local network, right? Are they really that strict in the 1 computer per residential subscriber policy? Syempre as a consumer we want to make the most out of their service as well. We don't use it for commercial purposes naman and I think a lot of households to the same thing (set up a wifi router mainly for convenience).

Maybe we'll just switch to Globe Broadband if things don't improve. A lot of my friends have already done it and their config / gaming / P2P apps are working well. If things like this keep on happening, maybe more will switch-over.

rich said...

hope other people read your post. if there's anyone out there that can help us, please let us know =)

rich said...

I just found out how to fix the problem. I configured my wifi router port forwarding as I did before, then I disabled the UPnP feature. Somehow the two has a conflict. Now my Vuze is all green.

Gel Alicias said...

hi rich, i juut also found a solution, maybe this is better. i found out that Zyzel p-600 is a modem and a "router" ITSELF! its amazing. i configure it as a modem at the same time a router, the effect is great, it doesnt disconnect everytime anymore. i ven left it alive in 6 days! i have the configuration file saved in my computer incase your interested or may i'll post here the steps in configuring. thanks!

rich said...

Hi Gel,
This is interesting, you found out how to get into the modem-router? I'd like to know.

Ais said...


through google, i stumbled to your blog. I've been wondering what is the setup of zyxel p-600 modem to make it a router?

i'm also on pldt, on zyxel p-600 and also bought encore enhwi-g2 and figuring out for 2 days now how to make portforwarding work in p2p programs such as utorrent.

thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

beehard44 said...

Actually, kapitbahay ko nagkaproblema. although i have experience with this routers, plus deploying some networks, i know the configuration of this with the old PLDT modem, it took me a whole week to figure one thing out. Just one thing. The problem was, you must connect the modem to your PC first directly then check it's Media
Access Control address via the status of the lan card then the details thing.

If you ever encounter a problem with setting up this router (enhwi-g2) Check